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P3 Update: September 2010 Issue - p.9

"Good Medicine" - Feature Film 'The Rainbow Boy'



"Depth of Phil", a SXSW 2010 Official Selection, and "Shady Texas"

"Look at Vincent Pascoe’s reel. Some of it is Red One, some of it is HVX200, some of it is GH1. But do I, as a producer care? No! I looked at Yesterday's Tomorrow and said, 'Man, I gotta’ hire Vincent Pascoe!'

"What Jack and I got with Vincent Pascoe down in Texas looks G R E A T."

~ Barry Green, Emmy®-winning producer and Author of definitive training manuals such as 'The DVX Book' and 'The AF100 Book' which ship with Panasonic cameras. @ dvxuser





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