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Vincent Pascoe has been a Director of Photography (DP) for over a decade. He is best known for his unique ability to create visual imagery which captures the essence of story, translates light into emotion, and consistently pushes the boundaries of technological capabilities. Vincent developed a distinctive style early in his career by applying exceptional comprehension of various dynamics of cinematography and emerging technology, adapting to quickly changing circumstances, approaching challenges as opportunities, and achieving innovative solutions.

Before moving to Los Angeles, Vincent studied at Scottsdale Community College's Film School and Arizona State University. Vincent's childhood was marked by creative influences and he was fortunate to learn both musical theory from his father and an appreciation for theatre from his mother. He began his film career working as a grip, gaffer and editor on his way to becoming a cinematographer. Beginning with his first day on set, Vincent truly enjoyed the collaborative nature of the production process. While at SCC, he shot 33 projects on film in less than two years. Vincent immediately displayed an inherent sense of visual style and an eye for the beauty that resides between light and shadow.

Since that time, Vincent has gone on to shoot 15 feature films, over 50 music videos, and more than a hundred short films, television shows and commercials. He has worked with such clients and talented artists as: Bo Bice, Avenged Sevenfold, Blue October, AFI, Disney, Sony, Cox Communications, Intel, Dove, Qwest, Steve Martin, Bill Engvall, Danny Trejo, Liza Minnelli, Michael Madsen, and Jimmy Jean-Louis. He is proficient with most popular film and HD cameras and has logged thousands of shooting hours. He currently owns the Panasonic AF100 and is well versed in using the RED, Sony F900, Panasonic Varicam, the Phantom, many DSLR’s including the Canon Mark 5D and 7D, the Panasonic GH1, and more.

Vincent's films have won numerous awards including Best Cinematographer for "Appearance of a Man" at the Monaco International Film Festival. Vincent excels at leveraging technology for cost-efficient, creative solutions and is ever cognizant of shooting for the edit. He is adept at on-location shooting and has captured amazing images from helicopters, on speeding cars, rappelling from a rope and dodging live gunfire. He has shot in over twenty different states and countries and has twice shot feature films in as little as eleven days. When circumstances wouldn't allow for expensive professional equipment, Vincent has designed and built his own dollies, remote control aerial photography aircraft, motion control rigs, and more. While shooting narrative films, Vincent's passion for visual storytelling and commitment to portraying the emotional truths that motivate each moment of a scene consistently lends a useful perspective on set.

For the past 11 years, Vincent's insatiable curiosity, remarkable ability to improvise, and creative and technical mastery of his craft have consistently fueled his innovations and created imagery that continues to enchant audiences.

Vincent Pascoe is a partner and co-founder of Cinemtic Artistry, a Los Angeles based production company.

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